In essence, everyday is a death day. At each days end, sleep closes another chapter in our  life.

Every new day is a Resurrection day. We rise from “deaths deception”, resurrected in a new expression of ourselves.

Everyday is a Judgment day. Its close passes judgment upon the deeds of the past twenty-four hours. We can make restitution for wrongs, if necessary, but we cannot alter that which has become a part of the Imperishable Record.

Everyday something new begins. Something old ends.

Everyday is a new lease of Life, a continuation of our option on success.

Everyday is the most precious thing we can possess, far more precious than riches. Because, no amount of wealth can purchase a single day.

photo #ganthonywilliams

Like all of life’s great blessings, Every day can seem so  commonplace that we fail to realize its true value.

Protect your day: you have it now; value it; use it; make it work for you.

Above all-make yourself worthy of another day!


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