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About Me

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Photo by Alaric S. Campbell

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Photo by Alaric S. Campbell

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Photo by Alaric S. Campbell

Creating and producing content for film and television is my passion. I earned a BA in Psychology from Hunter College – CUNY. I seek freelance or full-time assignments in television, theater, film, and creative writing. I currently live in Brooklyn, New YorkYou can contact me via email at [email protected], via phone at (917) 531-3161 or by filling out the form here.

Content Creator

At G. Anthony Williams Productions we conceive, create, produce, edit and package video content for use on a variety of media platforms. Translating clear visions into relevant content that is distinctive and entertaining.


               I CAN’T BREATHE                  At G. Anthony Williams Productions we conceive, create, produce, edit and package video content for use on a variety of media platforms.  

Executive Producer and Chief Correspondent for Community with G. Anthony


WILLiFEST Opening  Night Event – 2016, Iona, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
As Opening Night host, I interviewed all attending participating attendees (actors, directors, producers, composers, and screenwriters) on camera.


WILLiFEST  Feature Film Screenings – 2017, 2018 @ Ida K. Lang Theater at Hunter College, NY , NY  As the Host for the feature film screenings , I moderated post-screening discussions with directors and filmmakers, as well as , providing attendees with an opportunity to ask questions.

Please contact me if you’d like to hire me to host your event.


Art Seen was founded to provide a platform to present art and the latest advances in media-based technology to artists and their audiences.

We believe that the art scene is best enjoyed when it is seen and experienced. We create  events including workshops, panels, and live demonstrations that help both the artist and the consumer of art have an immersive and interactive experience.

These events are organized, moderated, and curated by G. Anthony who has been actively involved in promoting art in all its various forms.


Creative Writer

I have many editorial credits for makeup artistry in publications such as Vogue, GQ, and Black Enterprise magazines. I also, have written articles on beauty for AccessHollywood.com and Uptown Magazine I have recently completed news articles for the hyper-news journal Brooklyn Reader.

I welcome invitations to create original news, cultural, or creative writing content for all  platforms (YouTube, Instagram, news outlets, websites, blogs, etc.)

Please contact me, if you’d like to hire me for a writing gig or you would like me to contribute content to your publication.


I have acted Off Off Broadway; in the role of Second Citizen in the Negro Ensemble Company’s “50th” Anniversary Production of Day of Absence written by Douglas Turner Ward and directed by Arthur French, in The Negro Ensemble Company’s production of two one-acts Rosalee Pritchett by Barbara & Carlton Mollete, and The Perry’s Mission by, Clarence Young III, both directed by Allie Woods.

I have voice acted in the staged readings for 1969 The Screenplay by Barbara White Morgan directed by Jamal Joseph, WWII Diary screenplay by Mack C. Williams directed by Kim Weston-Moran and Fixing Mother’s Day play by Cliff Blake directed by Charles Weldon. I also performed as a member of the New York City ensemble cast in the theatrical stage show ‘A Sketch of New York‘ written and directed by Joe Di Nozzi.

I acted in an unscripted improvisational promotional short film for the cyber-game show ULTIMATUM.

I have studied acting under Anderson Johnson, Arthur French and Charles Weldon at The Negro Ensemble Company in New York. I have also studied at HB Studios, The Scott Acting Conservatory, and The Barrow Group Theatre Company in Manhattan

As a non-union actor, I have had roles in Starship Dave (Twentieth Century Fox), For One More Day (Harpo Productions), Synecdoche (Mysterious Condition), Law & Order (NBC Universal), Cashmere Mafia (Canterbury Productions), and Play or Be Played (NBC Universal).

TheaterScene.Net Review

“Aaron Lloyd and G. Anthony Williams excel at playing two comical teenagers.”

“An eerie device of the playwrights is having the marauding National Guardsmen played by African-American actors in white face. Horace Glasper, G. Anthony Williams, Chaz Ruben and Chauncey DeLeon Gilbert all vividly perform these roles with suitable menace.”

TheEasy.com Review

“The scene shifts, becoming increasingly eerie. Footsteps echo through the theater until four soldiers in whiteface (Chauncey DeLeon Gilbert, Horace Glasper, G. Anthony Williams, and Chaz Reuben) appear, each with unique and dynamic character traits. The pattern repeats itself—the men’s chemistry and banter is on par with the women, and their talk quickly shifts from jokes about women to racial slurs and vulgar, sexual language.”

“… along with two teens (Williams and Aaron Lloyd) who will stop at nothing to sneak a drink.”

“Rosalee Pritchett and The Perry’s Mission are especially fascinating to watch back to back—each plays with and ultimately warps African American stereotypes. These beautifully crafted plays, about the ways people in our country view race, women, and African American culture as a whole, have messages that stick long after the curtain falls.”

Please contact me if you’d like me to audition for your film or stage production.

Panel Moderator

Panel discussions, what makes them engaging, and what dooms them to dullness? That’s the question that rattles around my brain as I work on media events in various capacities: (host, moderator, panelist) here’s a compilation of tips for moderators and event organizers about planning a great panel discussion.

One of the things I enjoy is moderating lively, insightful panel discussions. I believe my role as Panel Moderator is to make the speakers look good and make sure that they connect with the audience. I do that by establishing the tone of the discussion, and inviting the audience into a respectful open dialogue that encourages a balanced view of the issues.

I set the tone by understanding the goals of the forum, knowing the issues in sufficient depth, and coordinating the involvement of the expert panelists to keep a response or a discussion on target.

I am a smart listener capable of encouraging others to speak. I have a working knowledge of the arts and popular culture. I have proven research skills and the ability to write sharp questions and effective scripts to get the best out of an individual or group discussion.

Role: Panel Moderator

Art Seen, The 9 Elements of Creative Artistry – 2016, ArtHelix, Bushwick, Brooklyn
A preliminary exploration and discussion of the nine Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry featuring artist and author Brian K. Hemphill. Nine workshops, each featuring a single element of creativity are planned

BScene Art & Media – 2016 @ Weeksville Heritage Center, Crown Heights, Brooklyn
A presentation of works that combine art with the mediums of television and film as tools to create, capture, and share the artist’s creativity

BScene Art & Media – 2015 @ The Bishop Gallery, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
A creative conversation about the works presented by artists who have been part of BRIC’s Media Artist Fellowship

The Writers’ Lounge Panel – 2015 @ WILLiFEST, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
A panel featuring emerging writers/directors who speak candidly about their experiences in filmmaking

CwGA Panel Discussion, The Culture of Dancehall – 2014 @ Brooklyn College
A discussion on the cultural and social impact of Jamaican Dancehall music

Role: Panelist

The Writers Lounge, Books & Blogs Workshop – 2015 @ WILLiFEST, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
A dynamic workshop designed to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to write that book or start that blog

Please contact me if you’d like me to be part of a panel or moderate a discussion.