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Leadership starts where the job ends. Being a risker, a pioneer, taking chances, these are all important elements in leadership. If you risk you may lose. If you pioneer you may be wrong. Leadership is for you if you can stand out from the crowd, dare to be a target, dare to risk to win the larger rewards, dare to play BIG!

As an executive , your first and most important decision to make is whether or not to take on a leader’s role.

If you value your leadership above your security, if you wish to take this calculated risk, this in itself is an earmark of leadership.

If you have an important job to do, an organization to run, and a program to operate. You must produce results. You are fully responsible for everything that does not happen under your control. Yours is a large responsibility and must not be handled lightly.


As an executive you are a busy person. The difficulties in operating the organization , of getting results, questions of budget and finance, relationships with the public and reports-all add up to a desk piled high with problems that need solutions, questions awaiting answers, principles and practices that need clarification. That’s an executive’s job. And the smooth operation of any project is determined to a large extent by how well or how poorly you solve these problems, and answer these questions.


There are various problems very closely related to your job which may be part of it, for which you are not responsible, and therefore you are not expected to do anything about them.  But if you feel you are your brother’s keeper, if you have influence and make the decision to use it to bring needed improvements to all people, even though they may not be your professional responsibility , you are taking on the extra the extra mantle of leadership in your community. When you see the need and go to bat to create ways and means to make good things happen-if you help create a movement, committee or plan to get these things-if you start community machinery that brings this to a head even though it be neither your job nor your responsibility, you are a leader and deserve the title.




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