His name is Phillippe Valy. His philosophy is simply his own.

Philippe Valy

Valy’s paintings represent the exotic landscapes of his vividly poetical unconscious and his profound love of nature. The depth of sensation transmitted in his painting comes from the sensation felt by Valy becoming one with his painting which is a result of a very pure love he feels inside of himself for his art.

If we look back at the history of Art, we see innumerous styles and philosophies. We have now arrived at a point where Art screams for a new definition. There is one artist whose art contains the masters of the past, and the very messages and vision of the future. An artist whose free philosophy is simply his own, whose language of image rests on what is the very essence in humans, the erotic unconscious.

Although painting is his concentration, Valy does not limit himself to the expression of one medium. He also creates sculpture, pottery and his extremely sensual collection of jewelry.

The Philippe Valy Brand is a new fashion line from world-renowned artist Philippe Valy. His line features limited edition and one-of-a-kind leggings and accessories all adorned with his famous artwork. Founded in 2017, PVB brings a unique look to women’s fashion.

The Wearable Art Leggings Collection

These limited edition wearable art leggings by Philippe Valy will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. Once this collection is sold out, it will not be available again.

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