Choose a job you love

I now know that finding the connection between what I love to do, what I do well, and what I get paid to do, will lead me to have peace in an insecure world. The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Because, being at the mercy of life’s challenges has in many ways steered me toward my true purpose.

We can learn to accept ourselves

Most importantly, I desire to communicate with, understand, and serve my fellow human beings. This is the beginning of my process of discovering what my true purpose is and has always been. Satisfaction in my personal life and professional career are only rewards given in exchange for my service to others. While these treats are like getting popcorn at the movies, the movie will still play whether you have popcorn or not, the popcorn does not change the ending, it just makes it more enjoyable to watch.

Life is thrilling when we go all out to achieve our aims. Embrace the challenges that can only be overcome with faith, effort and intelligence. That’s what builds the character we need to guarantee a winning future.  I ask myself, ‘what do I really want?’ is it success for myself? Or approval from others? Is it money? Or to feel secure and safe?

We can learn to accept others.

What at first seems like what we want may only hide deeper more intimate and troubling feelings? We have to accept our deepest fears and desires in order to extinguish them once and for all. Doing this, moves us closer to the truth of our lives.

I believe our real job is to have so much love for ourselves, that we can freely share it with our fellows, with no sense of loss or depletion.

We can learn to accept ourselves. We can learn to accept others. We can learn to have peace in an insecure world. We can learn to enjoy ourselves and live at ease.

Let’s watch! Let’s learn! Let’s discover! Who we are and where we are going!



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